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Pest control services are important to every business and home, but especially in Texas! We have a variety of crawling, flying and stinging insects that are attracted to our homes to escape the extreme heat or cold each season. Results Pest Control provides the best and most knowledgeable technicians for on-site service or in their store for do-it-yourself pest control service.

We appreciate the low toxicity pest control options that prevent or control the pest invasion Texas business and home owners experience throughout the year. Crickets, wasps, waterbugs, roaches, silverfish, termites and even larger pests like raccoons, opossum and snakes want to live in your walls, attic and crawl spaces. Get rid of them with Results Pest Control! They are the best! Visit their store, or have them send a technician to your business or home today.

Ruth Cox

Happy Customer

Happy Customers

"Art was very friendly and had excellent knowledge of our pest control needs. Our experience was awesome and we received a clear understanding of how to use the products and the details of why they work. I highly recommend Environmental Pest Management for pest control needs, because they far exceed other company's products and customer service."

Belinda A.

"The service technician was excellent. I was amazed with his knowledge and expertise. He was absolutely professional and friendly, his appearance was neat and clean, and he really took the time to understand my pest problem before any treatment was made. He solved my problem! Thank you. I will definitely call again."

Lynn N.

Results Pest Control has been providing services for my home for over ten years and has done an exceptional job. The knowledge and quality of their service technicians is way above average. I like the fact that they communicate with me about what types of spray they’re using so I know what is going on in my home. Their service has always been great and I recommend them without exception. Email Don.

Don Berger

I’ve used Art and the guys from Results for everything from Fire Ants, to Roaches to Bees and Wasps. Not only have they done a great job but I am confident that my family is safe after a treatment done by Results Pest Control. I’m very serious about using the least toxicity possible and the service guys at Results leave me very comfortable with their knowledge and commitment. In addition, the thing I like best about Art and his people is that they show up on time, dress and act professionally and overall are a pleasure to be around.

John Flynn

This Co. and their techs are the VERY BEST at service, compassion and knowledge of their business!!
I truly mean exemplary in every facet of the pest control business.
I've been relying on them for 10+ years in my business as a REALTOR and for my personal service. They have never let me down!!
Not sure of your problem , call them!
Don't think anyone can help you, call them!
Snakes, absolutely call them!
I had one at my office the other day and Mark was there in 2 hrs to make sure I wouldn't have any more�
They will be your pest control experts for life!!!

Jenel McGrath

Mark Purdy is a great technician and a straight shooter. He puts his customers first and will go the extra mile. Im extremely happy with the extraordinary customer service i received today! Thanks!

James Yarbrough

Josh is incredibly knowledgable and very personable! He explained the problem (fleas), clearly and honestly. And although I am a few weeks away from confidently saying my home is pest free. Josh definitely pointed me in the right direction! By simply following his intrusions I was able to, from what I am seeing, eliminate the problem at the source. Thank you sooooo much guys!!!!!!!!!
Eternally grateful,
Your satisfied consumer.

Krystal Luna

It's pretty simple. I had a fire ant problem that the products at the big box stores were not dealing with. I stopped by Results. They advised me on which product to buy, how and when to apply it. Problem solved as promised. No more fire ants.

Chris Lester

Results Environmental Pest Management is on the cutting edge of using environmentally safe chemicals and I love their do it yourself store. You really need to go in and check it out. Loyal fan.

Brent O'Bannon

Always have what I need to do my jobs. Very knowledgeable

Charles Adams